In Memory

Brent Hershman

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01/22/09 06:36 PM #1    

Craig Bramscher

I had heard about this in the movie industry and was shocked that it was "our" Brent.

On the night of March 6, 1997, Brent Hershman, a camera assistant working on the film Pleasantville, completed a 19-hour work day and headed home to be with his 8-year-old daughter who was sick. En route, he fell asleep at the wheel of his car and drove off the road into a utility pole. He was killed instantly. The day prior Hershman had an 15-hour work day and the day before was the first day of filming.

02/06/09 01:33 PM #2    

Harry Mallin

Brent showed up at Brookwood Elementary in fifth or sixth grade, I think. He and I were pretty good friends for awhile back then and I remember his dad took us and some other boys to see the movie "Patton" for Brent's birthday party. I also remember him doing the high jump on the 6th Grade field day, landing wrong, and breaking his leg. He was a funny guy who had a big heart. He'll be missed.

02/09/09 06:32 PM #3    

Darby Moran (Lohrding)

Brent I remember you helping me obtain my first fake id, what an adventure that was and what great memories! May you rest in Peace! ~Darby

02/11/09 04:23 PM #4    

Gino DeSico

Brent was the guy with the artistic talent to do many things. Always seemed to have a smile for everyone. Loved his leather coat he wore through out class. He was a funny guy who most considered a friend & would be there if needed. Sorry for his family & not able to see his work completed.

02/20/09 11:09 AM #5    

Tucker Johnston

There is an article in TIME magazine (4/21/97) about Brent and Hollywood's sweatshop type practices of long hours and quick turnaround from one day to the next. Brent became the poster child for changing these practices (which, unfortunately, hasn't happened). This was one of the main reasons I left the film industry myself.

My favorite Brent story is in Junior High. A bunch of us 9th graders from Indian Creek went on a ski trip in Colorado with a bunch of 9th graders from Nallwood (we were all very excited, because these were the kids we would be going to school with at South the following year).

When we got on the mountain, we discovered Brent had never taken ski lessons. And had no intention. Much to our chagrins, Brent would head straight down the mountain -- faster and faster and faster -- then he'd wipeout in a spectacular cloud of powder.

When the "dust" settled, there would be Brent with a shit-eating grin on his face, laughing and brushing himself off. Then he'd get back up and do it all again. He never broke anything and we all had the time of our lives.

Brent was always such a good-natured guy and was set to be one of Hollywood's up and coming cameramen. It's such a tragedy he had to die. Everytime I watch "Pleasantville" (the film he died on during filming) I think of Brent.

So long, old friend. You're still in our thoughts and memories.


04/21/09 07:46 PM #6    

Reid Miermaster

I wish I hadn't even read this. It was so much easier to think of Brent out there smiling that huge grin and living the good life...

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